About Boreal Cannabis

We believe that cannabis should be all about providing a break from the stress of everyday life. 

Our Mission

From local Albertans to global tourists, we welcome everyone to try our amazing products! With equal commitments to quality and fairness in price, we want to make sure that cannabis culture is accessible and welcoming to all. Whether it’s providing insight and education or friendly service, we strongly believe in treating everyone as people, not just customers.

Why Choose Us


From the start, Boreal Cannabis has maintained a commitment to excellent customer service. From finding a helping hand or easy-to-read menus, you always know that great service is a given when you walk into our store


We take great pride in curating the products in our stores, making sure that only the best makes it onto our shelves. As people who are passionate about cannabis ourselves, we always make sure that we’re stocking products that we use and believe in.


The cannabis industry is booming, and that’s a good thing for consumers! At Boreal Cannabis, we have a commitment to fair prices, keeping our price tags competitive and cannabis products accessible to all.


At Boreal Cannabis, we believe that cannabis culture is all about freedom of expression. We love being able to provide the space to be yourself—to stay authentic to YOU. 


We help local Albertans to access high quality cannabis products with a friendly, welcoming attitude. Unlike other cannabis companies that have hard-to-understand menus and inflexible product selections, we are always ready to lend a helping hand, providing education and guidance if needed and a flexible, laid-back experience that allows our customers to feel comfortable.

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